Linda Rosenberg McGuire, MSW, MOL is an engaging, enthusiastic and humorous speaker who is comfortable in front of both large crowds and smaller audiences. She speaks to parents and parenting groups about a variety of topics including:

  • Tweens and younger teens
  • Older teens and college-age children
  • The parent’s role in the college process
  • Resilience and self-esteem
  • Co-parenting during and after divorce
  • Step-parenting and step-families
  • Surviving and enjoying your child’s teenage years
  • Letting go of control without letting go of all control


She is an experienced professional development and motivational speaker for faculty orientation, in-service, and enrichment days. She speaks to faculty, administrators, and programs about:

  • Working with challenging teens
  • Partnering with today’s parents
  • Developing and maintaining strong advisor programs
  • Creating relationship-based discipline systems
  • Connecting with teenagers while maintaining boundaries
  • Communicating with a dissatisfied parent

For more information, please contact Linda.



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